About Us

About the Naujaaraluit Hotel

When looking out into the bay, a little to the right, and in the distance you will see a high cliff called Naujaaraaluit (meaning ‘many seagulls’ in Inuktitut). For the people of Clyde River, Naujaaraaluit is a landmark that welcomes us home when we have been away and gives us a feeling of familiarity and comfort when we see it each day. We want to welcome all our guests to our hotel with those same good feelings – we welcome you, to the Naujaaraaluit Hotel.

A hotel that supports the community

When you stay at the Naujaaraaluit Hotel, you are contributing directly to programs that benefit our community members. 100% of the profits from the hotel go to support community programs at the Ilisaqsivik Society, a non-profit, non-governmental Inuit organization and charity founded by Clyde River residents, for Clyde River residents in 1997. Ilisaqsivik is dedicated to promoting community wellness and developing community strengths. Every year Ilisaqsivik runs dozens of programs for children, youth, Elders, adults, and families. Come visit us at our Family Resource Centre in Clyde River or online at www.ilisaqsivik.ca to learn more about what we do.